Desert Essence Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil (2oz) 天然茶樹油



- Effectively treats problem skin with regular use - Known antiseptic, soothes skin and reduces redness - Also great for use in laundry or cleaning around the house Using strict sustainable agricultural practices, a federation of plantation owners who embrace the Australian Tea Tree Environmental Alliance, produce this pure Tea Tree Oil that is guaranteed free of herbicides, pesticides, and chemicals. For external use only. 茶樹油可以被用來紓緩氣管不適,同時消炎殺菌,可用於蚊釘虫咬、燒傷、創傷、暗瘡、頭皮、咳嗽、尿道感染、濕疹、虱子、香港腳、流感和皮膚真菌感染,而且絕對天然,對環境不會構成威脅。

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