Ecover Toilet Cleaner Ecover 環保洗手間清潔劑



Description Get Nature on Your Side Plant-Based Ingredients Biodegradable Formula Cleans, Decalcifies & Freshens At Ecover we have been pioneering green science for over 30 years to make effective plant-based, planet-friendly cleaners. Eliminates stains and mineral deposits, leaving a sparkling shine. Made using renewable, plant-based ingredients. We use surfactants that biodegrade to ensure nothing harmful is left behind. Suggested Use Squirt a small amount into the toilet and under the toilet rim. Leave for a few minutes. If needed, scrub with a toilet brush. Flush. To remove cap, pinch and twist counterclockwise. Other Ingredients Water (aqua), citric acid, laryl glucoside, sodium citrate, xanthan gum, fragrance (parfum: linalool, limonene). 說明 · 讓自然站在你這一邊 · 基於植物的成分 · 可生物降解的配方 · 清潔、脫鈣、清爽 在 Ecover,我們宣導綠色科技 30 餘年,潛心製造基於植物、地球友好的高效清潔劑。 清除污漬和礦物沉積,鋥光發亮。 用可再生、以植物為基礎的成分製造。 我們使用生物降解的表面活性劑,確保不留下任何有害物質。 建議的使用方式 將少量擠入馬桶和馬桶下沿。靜置幾分鐘。如果需要,使用馬桶刷擦洗。沖水。要拿掉蓋子,捏住逆時針擰。

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