Eden Foods Organic Original Soymilk Eden Foods 有機原味豆奶



EDENSOY created the nondairy liquid food category in July 1983. It remains the only U.S.A. soymilk that is properly prepared to nurture human beings. Eden organic ingredients, reverse osmosis purified water, refined engineering, 240 continuous quality control checks, and years of study on how to best prepare soybeans for human assimilation, assures the best possible, most pleasing nourishment in soymilk. EDENSOY is the first soymilk in North America verifiedto Non-GMO Project Standards. It ranks number one of sixty-two brands in an extensively researched soy report. Only gentle, unrefined sweeteners are used. 有機燕麥製造,最佳牛奶代替品! 特點: 燕麥含有豐富水溶性纖維,更可幫助腸胃蠕動及增加飽肚感 水溶性纖維更可以降低低密度膽固醇(LDL),增強心血管及心臟健康 含豐富鈣質,鞏固骨骼牙齒 無乳糖、膽固醇及添加糖 不含農藥 適合素食者食用