Environne Purely Essential Fruit & Vegetable Wash (16oz) 純天然蔬果清潔液



The Original VegiWash since 1987, is designed to remove pesticide, fungicide and herbicide residues, waxes and oils from our fruit and vegetables. It contains a synergistic blend of surface-acting cleansing agents (surfactants) that are non-toxic, bio-degradable and free of harmful effects. Independent laboratory tests continue to show a removal of up to 97% of chemical residues when washing produce with Environne Fruit and Vegetable Wash. 經測試証實能清除高達97%遺留在蔬果表層的農葯、除蟲劑、蠟質、油漬。 含天然有機成份和葡萄柚籽精華,安全無毒、容易過水,唯一經証實無毒性 和有效的蔬果洗潔劑。