Health Plus Kidney Cleanse (90 Capsules) Health Plus 清腎丸



Description Made with Dandelion Root Supportive Kidney Cleansing Herbs with Vitamins Helps Cleanse the Urinary Tract Support Kidney Detox 45 Servings Herbal Supplement with Vitamins The kidneys are vital organs that are part of the excretory system, assisting in eliminating waste from the body. Super Kidney Cleanse is a combination of clinically tested cleansing and diuretic herbs specifically created to assist the kidneys in detoxifying the body with vitamins and minerals for support. Super Kidney Cleanse, focuses on the kidneys instead of an overall cleansing product with harsh and sometimes overwhelming ingredients. Health Plus Inc. created the Total Body Cleansing System which consists of 8 products that assist in cleansing and supporting the body. Suggested Use As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules three times daily. May be used regularly or one bottle every 5 months as part of the Total Body Cleansing System. 說明 由蒲公英根製成 支持腎臟清潔的草本,還含有維生素 幫助淨化尿路 支持腎臟排毒 45份 草本補充劑,含有維生素 腎臟是排泄系統重要的一部分,協助從體內消除毒素。超級腎臟排毒含有通過臨床測試的清潔草本以幫助腎臟排毒,結合維生素和礦物質,有助支持利尿。 超級腎臟排毒,專注於腎臟,而不是一個全面的清潔產品——含有苛刻甚至有時壓倒性的成分。 Health Plus Inc創建全身清潔系統,該系統由8種產品組成,以幫助清潔和支撐身體。 建議的使用方式 作為膳食補充劑,每次服用2粒,每日3次。可以定期使用,或每5個月使用一瓶,作為全身清潔系統的一部分。