Kirk's 100% Premium Coconut Oil Gentle Castile Soap, Original Fresh Scent (4oz) 全優質椰子油溫和卡斯蒂利亞香皂,原始清新氣味



Description American Made Since 1839 100% Premium Coconut Oil Leaping Bunny Certified - Cruelty Free Non GMO Project Verified Certified Vegan Certified Gluten Free Family Owned and Operated Dermatologist Tested For Sensitive Skin Biodegradable Clinically Tested Natural Skin Care Women Owned™ Family Owned and Operated® We're proud to provide your family with high quality cleansing products at an exceptional value. Our products are all clinically tested under dermatologist supervision and certified non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin. Our all-vegetable-based bar soap creates a gentle & creamy lather, even in hard water, leaving skin feeling soft and healthy. Simple Clean for Generations.® Other ingredients Sodium cocoate, water, glycerin, sodium chloride, sodium gluconate, fragrance. Free of: Phthalates, sulfates, parabens, EDTA, glutens, colorants. 說明 美國製造 1839 年 全優質椰子油 跳躍兔子認可 - 零殘忍 Non-GMO 項目驗證 全素認可 無麩質認可 家族經營 經皮膚科醫生測試 適合敏感肌膚 可生物降解 已通過科學測試的天然護膚 適合女性使用™ 家族擁有和經營® 我們很榮幸為您的家人提供超值的高品質清潔產品。我們的產品都是在皮膚科醫生的監督下進行醫級測試的,且經認可無刺激性,敏感肌膚可安心使用。我們的全植物型香皂,即使在硬水中也能產生柔和的乳狀泡沫,讓皮膚感覺柔軟而健康。 世世代代簡單清潔。® 其他成份 椰油酸鈉,水,甘油,氯化鈉,葡萄糖酸鈉,香料。 不含:鄰苯二甲酸鹽,硫酸鹽,對羥基苯甲酸酯,EDTA,麩質和人造色素。

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