Organic Hi-Protein Red Wheatberries (2 lbs) 有機高蛋白質小麥



A Wheat Berries is a wheat grain stripped of its outer hull to leave just the whole kernel. When cooked, they have a "tender to the bite" texture and a nutty taste. You can also use cooked Wheat Berries in salads, soups, meat loaves, or as added texture in breads etc. 小麥草含有豐富的酵素、及多種對人體有益的營養素, 味甘 、性微寒, 入心、脾、肝經 胚芽中含有大量的維他命E 特點: 可煮麥米粥 發芽後可生食或加進沙拉中 發芽之後, 再做成小麥草飲用 可使用發芽機發芽