Organic Valley Organic Ghee Clarified Butter 有機淨化牛油



Description Great For Sauteing Pasture-Raised No GMOs · No Salt Lactose Free Casein Free New Look - Same Delicious Flavor USDA Organic Non GMO Pasture-Raised with Love Purity Farms has been making ghee from Organic Valley butter for years, and when the original owners were looking to retire, they turned to us to keep the ghee flowing. Honoring a traditional Indian method, pure Organic Valley butter from our pasture-raised cows is slowly cooked to coax out the water and milk solids. What remains is delicious ghee with a rich buttery taste and aroma. Like you, we care about how our food is raised, how it tastes and how healthy it is for all living things. Organic Valley Purity Farms Ghee is a delightful, semi-soft cooking oil from nature's kitchen—great for cooking, baking or sauteing. Suggested Use Organic Valley Purity Farms Ghee is perfect for high-temperature cooking, like sautéing, and is a mainstay of many culinary traditions around the world. Ghee may be used instead of butter in baking; however, keep in mind ghee's lower moisture content when mixing ingredients. Store in a cool, dry dark place for optimal flavor. 說明 適合煸炒 牧場飼養 不含轉基因成分 · 不含鹽 不含乳糖 不含酪蛋白 新包裝 - 同樣的美味 美國農業部有機認證 非轉基因 用愛心在牧場飼養 Purity農場多年來一直在用Organic Valley黃油製作酥油,當原來的業主希望退休時,他們求助於我們以保持酥油的生產線。 以傳統的印度方法,來自我們牧場所飼養的牛的純Organic Valley黃油,慢慢煮熟,熬出水份和牛奶固體。剩下的是充滿黃油味和芳香味的美味酥油。 像您一樣,我們關心我們的食物是如何被養殖的,它的味道如何,以及它對所有生物來說有多健康。 Organic Valley Purity Farms酥油是一種令人愉快的,來自大自然廚房的半軟食用油 - 適合烹飪、烘焙或煸炒。 建議的使用方式 Organic Valley Purity Farms酥油非常適合高溫烹飪,例如煸炒,也是世界各地許多烹飪傳統的主要支柱。在烘焙時可以使用酥油代替黃油; 然而,記住與食材混合時,酥油的水分含量較低。 存放在陰涼乾燥避光處,以獲得最佳的味道。