Simply Organic Organic All-Purpose Seasoning 有機多用途調味料



Description USDA Organic Certified Organic by QAI Kosher A way to eat. The way to live. We're here to fill your life with honest-to-goodness good food. The kind of food that you remember, deep down. Fresh. Wholesome. Brimming with flavor and life. It can only be found in organically grown foods. You'll never miss the salt with All-Purpose Seasoning on hand. Use it to transform any savory dish from ordinary to delectable – while cooking or at the table. Not sure what spice goes with tonight's dinner vegetable? Too busy to measure bits of this and that spice for your stir fry or casserole? All-Purpose Seasoning is the solution. No one spice overwhelms this salt-free blend of balanced flavors, developed to complement any savory dish. Suggested Use For the freshest aroma and taste, grind whole peppercorns as needed – or offer a peppermill at the table. Freshly ground pepper's especially good in salsa, salads, on pasta, and in soup. Whole peppercorns are also used in pickling, marinades, meats, and soups. (Tie in a cheesecloth bag or small strainer for easy removal.) - Add to soups, stews, and gravies. - Use to enliven everyday casseroles. - Sprinkle on deviled eggs, salads (green and side alike), and baked potatoes with shredded cheese, veggies, and sour cream. - Mix into beef or veggie burger recipes, meatloaf and bean or nut loaf. - Add to coatings for breading meats, fish, veggies, and soy products. - Use to top focaccia bread before baking - Add to oil and vinegar for an instant dressing - Combine with soy sauce, olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a rich marinade. - Stir into a cream base (like mayo and sour cream) for an instant dip. - Keep a shaker full at the table for those who want added spice or who are trying to eliminate or cut back their salt intake. - Blend one tablespoon All-Purpose Seasoning with softened butter or margarine for a delicious flavored butter. Serve with bread or on steamed vegetables or fish. Other Ingredients Organic onion, organic black pepper, organic garlic, organic parsley, organic celery seed, organic tomato powder (organic tomato, guar gum), organic basil, organic thyme, organic oregano, organic sage, organic coriander. 說明 美國農業部有機認證。 國際質量保證協會有機認證。 猶太潔食。 一種飲食方式,一種生活方式。一種飲食方式,一種生活方式。 我們用真正的好食物來充實您的生活。對,就是您內心深處對美好食物的印象。新鮮,有益健康,滿溢著美味和生活的趣味。只有有機生長的食物中含有。 你的手邊絕對不能沒有通用調味料。不管是做飯時或是已經菜在餐桌上,使用它之後就可以將任何普通食物變成美味佳餚。 不知道今天晚餐吃什麼?太忙以至於沒時間挑選到底用哪款調味料來加入飯鍋中?通用調味料幫你解決!沒有任何調味料可以勝過這款不含鹽,味道適中,含有其他調味料所沒有的味道。 建議的使用方式 為了最新鮮的芳香和口味,通用調味料研磨整隻辣椒,或者說擺了一個胡椒研磨器在餐桌上。新鮮的研磨辣椒在洋蔥辣味汁,沙拉、意麵和湯羹中味道更佳。幹胡椒也可用於醃菜,滷汁,做肉,煲湯。 (用粗棉布包裹或小型過濾器可輕鬆去除) 可加入湯羹,燉湯,調味汁中。 可加入每天食用的菜品種,使其味道更鮮美。 可撒入芥末蘸蛋,沙拉(如蔬菜沙拉和配菜沙拉),碎奶酪烤土豆,蔬菜和酸奶酪中。 可加入牛肉,素漢堡,肉餅,豆沙麵包或堅果麵包中。 可以塗在生肉,魚,蔬菜,豆製品上食用。 可在烘焙佛卡夏麵包前加入。 可用作即時調味料加入油和醋中。可與醬油,橄欖油,香醋共同用做豐富的醃料。 可加入昔(如蛋黃醬和酸奶酪)中攪拌,用做蘸醬。 保持瓶中一直有調料,以讓用餐者想加入調味料去除或減弱盤中的鹽味。 取一勺通用調味料加入軟化奶油或黃油中,使其更美味。然後加入麵包,蔬菜或魚中食用。 其他成份 有機洋蔥,有機黑胡椒,有機大蒜,有機香菜,有機芹菜種子,有機番茄粉(有機番茄,瓜爾膠),有機羅勒,有機百里香,有機牛至,有機聖人,有機香菜。