Spectrum Org. Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750ml) 有機初榨冷壓橄欖油



Description Imported American Masters of Taste Gold Superior Taste Made with Arbequina Olives USDA Organic First Cold Pressed Non GMO Project Verified A Non- Hydrogenated Fat Food* Medium Heat Up To 325ºF Hain Celestial Certified Organic by QAI Oil Product of Argentina or Spain Different oils have different uses, and each performs best at a certain temperature. With its full flavor and medium 'smoke point' this oil is ideally suited for sauces and salad dressings, or for medium heat sauteing to integrate the oil's flavor into the finished dish. From the orchards of Spain and around the world, we hand-pick our prized estate-grown Arbequina olives at the peak of flavor to bring the freshest oil to your kitchen table. By cold pressing our olives, we produce an oil which many food connoisseurs and those with discriminating palates consider exceptional. Aromatic and smooth, our oil offers the perfect balance - pugent and fruity, yet mild enough to go with everything from fresh salads to hearty pastas. Extra virgin olive oil is at the heart of the Mediterranean diet, its pungent notes a sign of naturally occurring polyphenol antioxidants within. We select only the highest quality oils from long-standing artisan growers and visit the olive groves annually to confirm the oil's freshness, aroma and superb flavor. *See Nutritional Information for Total Fat and Saturated Fat Content Other Ingredients First cold pressed extra virgin unrefined organic olive oil. Bottled in a facility that produces peanut oil. Warnings Does not require refrigeration if used within 10 to 12 weeks after opening Packed with inert gas for freshness. 說明 - 進口 - 美國口味大師黃金卓越口味 - 由Arbequina橄欖製作而成 - 美國農業部有機認證 - 初級冷榨 - 非轉基因工程認證 - 非氫化脂肪食品* - 中火加熱至325ºF - 海恩天賜 - 國際品質保證協會 (QAI) 有機認證 - 阿根廷或西班牙食油產品 不同的食油具有不同的用途,每種食油在特定溫度條件下會有最佳表現。 這款食油風味完善,中火‘煙點‘,極其適合用於調味汁和沙拉調味料,或中火慢炒,將食油的風味浸入成品菜肴。 從西班牙及世界各地的果園,我們在其味道最濃時手工採摘莊園種植的珍貴Arbequina橄欖,將最新鮮的食油帶入您的廚房餐桌。我們通過冷壓橄欖,生產出一種許多美食家以及對口味極其挑剔的人士都認為出類拔萃的食用油。我們的食油芳香、光潤,提供完美的平衡 - 辛辣與果味,但又足夠清淡,可與從新鮮的沙拉到豐盛的義大利麵食等各種食品搭配使用。 特級初榨橄欖油是地中海膳食的主要配料之一,它的辛辣香味是內含多酚抗氧化劑的標誌。我們只從歷經時間考驗的種植商那裡選擇最高品質的油,每年都去參觀橄欖園,以確保油的鮮度、芳香和極好的風味。 *有關全脂肪及飽和脂肪含量,參見營養資訊 警告 如在開封後10到12周內使用,無需冷藏 含惰性氣體以保持鮮度。

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